Blue River Analytics premium webinar series showcase


Asset management and A&D valuations: process thousands in minutes, not days

Engineered with the industry’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning (ML) statistical methods, no other solution in the market compares. Whether you are planning your next development project, looking to acquire or divest assets or a financial institution looking to rapidly screen deals,  EAW20 is designed & built to quickly enhance & add value to your understanding of the well & production data you are evaluating.


  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
  • Segment Identification
  • ARIES & PHDWin Compatible
  • Advanced Normalization Techniques
  • Waterfall Economics


  • Perform thousands of valuations in minutes, not days
  • Quickly & accurately assess inventory & PDP wells
  • Easily compare & contrast type curves outputs
  • Configurable to your business operations & data
  • Analyze forecasts for optimal EUR
  • Reduce risk in forecast
  • Compatible with popular commercial data sources
May 14, 2020


Asset Performance Analysis

In this 35 min webinar, you will discover how our newest template provides you with a quick, simple and robust way to generate standardized LOS data from differing LOS formats thus allowing rapid and meaningful comparisons of performance in minutes without having to spend valuable analyst time manipulating the data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compare assets rapidly through a set of standard visualizations.
  • Learn how to rapidly load and convert LOS data in virtually any format.
  • Generate recommendations for mapping of LOS lines to your own LOS standards automatically.
  • Generate standardized LOS and Cost / BOE metrics in both Gross and Net formats automatically.

April 16, 2020


Blue River's Energy Analytics Workflow®20

Estimating Uncertainty in Reserves and Economic Value of Oil & Gas Production using Markov Chain Monte Carlo


EXPERIENCE THE Energy Analytics WorkFlow®20


January 28, 2020


Blue River's LOE | LOS Analytics

Few things you can do with it:

  • Provide a quick and easy way to view and analyze Lease Operating Expenses
  • Allow rapid access to view LOE summary for any given time period and set of wells to assess overall financial performance and key indicators.
  • Rapidly compare Actual and Budget spend and drill into high cost and variance issues.
  • Rapidly identify trends in overall financial performance or individual cost/revenue lines.
  • Rapidly compare performance of wells at overall or individual cost/revenue lines to identify best/worst performers.
October 3rd, 2019


Blue River's DCA Autocast Engine

Improve Forecast with IHS Markit EDM Base and Blue River Analytics DCA Autocast Engine™


DCA Autocast Engine™


June 12th, 2019


Production Surveillance with Advanced Spotfire Features

Can you dynamically query millions of rows of operated and non-operated production data in a matter of seconds – then instantly drill down to the most pressing areas of interest?

Can you apply probability distribution fitting across any production dimensions and measures with a few clicks, then mark and visualize statistical outliers and anomalous data points?

In this webinar, Blue River Analytics and Ultra Petroleum show advanced production surveillance techniques using TIBCO Spotfire. This presentation illustrates Spotfire data mashup, user controls, and TERR statistical capabilities in an easy-to-use workflow beneficial to roles in new ventures, business development, asset management, and engineering.

Watch this webinar to hear:

  • Spotfire guided analytics for fast, actionable insight in production surveillance
  • Demonstration of statistical capabilities to extend your existing Spotfire deployment
  • Tips and tricks from experts in production and energy


Using Guided Analytics for Waterflood Analysis

With the help of Blue River Analytics and Spotfire, LINN Energy enlisted the use of guided analytics to achieve greater insight into the impact of waterflooding. Disparate sets of production, injection, geologic, and petraphysical data were consolidated and used to create high-value calculations and workflows. The project team was able to visualize producers and injectors in spatial and temporal context through the use of Spotfire.

View this webcast to learn:

  • What is guided analytics?
  • How guided analytics can provide better insights into the effects of waterflooding
  • How to create high-value calculations and workflows
  • The guided analytics features that made this project successful