Energy Analytics Workbench®

Energy Analytics Workbench®

THE Oil & Gas A&D Valuation Solution

Energy Analytics Workbench®

Featuring Principal Component/Multivariate Analysis & Markov Chain Monte Carlo

At EAW heart is our most advanced Production Forecasting, Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) & Valuation Engine to date.  Engineered with the industry’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning (ML) statistical methods, no other solution in the market compares. Whether you are planning your next development project, looking to acquire or divest assets or a financial institution looking to rapidly screen deals,  EAW is designed & built to quickly enhance & add value to your understanding of the well & production data you are evaluating.


  • Perform thousands of valuations in minutes, not days
  • Quickly & accurately assess inventory & PDP wells
  • Easily compare & contrast type curves outputs
  • Configurable to your business operations & data
  • Analyze forecasts for optimal EUR
  • Reduce risk in forecast
  • Compatible with all commercial data sources


  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), Bayesian statistical decline curve analysis:  this technique takes any subset of production data & uses a form of machine learning to generate any number of best-fit decline curves that have the highest likelihood of explaining (noisy) production data.
    This results in a family of decline curves where for example, P10, P50, P90 EUR curves can be highlighted, used as type curves, & used for economic analysis, yielding low, likely, & high-case economics.
  •  Segment Identification: Advanced auto-fitting algorithms trend only the most recent flow segment to more accurately predict future production (& associated cash flows).
  •  ARIES & PHDWin Compatible: Push button export easily into ARIES or PHDWin format for further case analysis.
  • Manual Optionality: If you do not like what the machine has generated, you have the power to change it.
  • Advanced Normalization Techniques: Analyze production records against well header attributes using Principal Component analysis (PCA) and Multivariate analysis (MVA) statistical techniques.
  • Simple Type-Curve Generation: Selected wells, leases, operators, or any other attribute of importance; No limit on number of type curves generated.
  • Waterfall Economics: Analysis of any type curve or individual well, using detailed monthly cash flows for up to 40 years.  Pricing curves can be custom defined.
  • Selection of Well Sets: Ability to QC the data and easily filter out wells based on multiple criteria.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily connect to our popular Probit Analysis and Competitive Surveillance tools.
  • Plug and Play: EAW20 leverages all popular commercial data sets – IHS, Enverus, Oseberg, and more – or you can leverage the tool with your own proprietary data

EAW was engineered with you in mind, to answer your questions, immediately, before you waste precious time building ad hoc models when only one is needed. EAW is THE oil & gas valuation solution.

Energy Analytics Workbench