The Energy Analytics Workbench®

The Energy Analytics Workbench®

THE Oil & Gas Valuation Solution

Energy Analytics Workbench®20 A totally new Decline Curve Analysis and Valuation engine.  No matter what your DCA and Valuation objective, EAW is designed and built to quickly enhance and add value to your understanding of the well and production data you are evaluating. EAW’s  technically advanced workflow includes:

  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) decline curve analysis:  this technique takes any subset of production data and uses a form of machine learning to generate any number of best-fit decline curves that have the highest likelihood of explaining (noisy) production data.  This results in a family of decline curves where for example, P10, P50, P90 EUR curves can be highlighted, used as type curves, and used for economic analysis, yielding low, likely, and high-case economics. None of our competitors have this advanced capability.
  • Selection of well sets and ability to QC the data, and filter out wells based on multiple criteria.
  • Simple and easy to apply normalization of production records against user-defined well header attributes (e.g. Lateral Length)
  • Decline Curve fitting that stops & starts for auto-detected workovers & recompletions, improving the reliability, accuracy and probability of long-term forecasts and EUR’s
  • Ability to edit and tune production forecasts
  • Type-curve generation, by selected wells, leases, operators, or any other attribute of importance; No limit on number of type curves generated.
  • Waterfall economic analysis of any type curve or individual well, using detailed monthly cash flows for up to 40 years.  Pricing curves can be custom defined.
  • Export any type curve or individual wells to Aries format for further analysis with that tool if desired.

Plus… the DCA and Economics output from EAW can be used as input to our popular Probit Analysis and Competitive Surveillance tools.

Introducing the Energy Analytics Workbench®20

Energy Analytics Workbench®20 leverages all popular commercial data sets – IHS, Drilling Info/Enervus, Oseberg – or leverage the tool with your own proprietary data.