The Energy Analytics Workbench® – Delta

The Energy Analytics Workbench® - Delta

Experience the power, experience the change, experience Delta.

Introducing the Energy Analytics Workbench® – Delta. Five years in the making, our reengineered user interface and back end has unleashed the most powerful and sophisticated pure oil & gas workflow available on the market today.  For all its improvements, Delta is simple to use.  Delta was designed by petroleum engineers and geologists – not software engineers.

Delta was engineered with you in mind, to answer your questions, immediately, before you waste precious time building adhoc models when only one, Delta, is needed.
Introducing the Energy Analytics Workbench® – Delta
  • Modified Arps (SEC)
  • Modified Arps (TAN)
  • Exponential

Delta leverages all popular commercial data sets – IHS, Drilling Info, Oseberg – or leverage the tool with your own proprietary data.

Delta comes with all standard reservoir analyses – BHP calculators, PVT analysis, volumetric analysis, NGLs analysis and more.

  • Probability Plots
  • Choose Spatial Interpolation Model / Ensemble
  • Spatial Heat Map on ANY Variable
  • Competitive Analysis