Probability Plot

Probability Plot

The Probability Plot application template from Blue River uses the advanced modeling power of Spotfire to interactively fit any data to statistical distributions.

This application allows the user to select and drill down on any measures and dimensions for analysis through Spotfire’s intuitive interface, and view the probability values in a visual environment.

Using Spotfire’s built-in TERR (TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R) statistical engine, this application provides maximum-likelihood estimates for the lognormal distribution, which allows for easy comparison of the empirical statistics to the theoretical fit.

Its easy plug and play functionality will allow anyone in the business to bring in their data sets and immediate analyze their data. This includes petrophysical modeling, completions analysis, production surveillance, and more. This template can be used separately with any data source or can be added to enhance any existing Spotfire projects.

  • Flexibly fit any data set to statistical distributions and visualize the results.
  • Choose single or multiple measures and dimensions for fitting in an intuitive interface.
  • Easily return additional information about the data set, including goodness-of-fit, ratios like 
p10p90, analog sample and applied curve fit statistics, or fitting to other distributions.