Blue River Analytics' new geo-analytics software allows for Esri-like functionality to happen in Spotfire.

Gone are the days of heavily relying on ArcMap for changes to your Spotfire feature layers. Mapalytics™ appears as a native Spotfire control similar in appearance to the Spotfire map chart in your toolbar, thus diminishing the need for two separate applications. It includes not only the most commonly used ArcGIS data creation functionality such as dropping new well locations, but advanced mapping capabilities never seen before in Spotfire.

Create customized feature layers on your map by drawing infinite polygons and shapes
  • With names of your choosing, the layers and shapes create data tables in your
Spotfire project
  • You can draw these polygons free hand, circles
with distance, point-click and add data points
with a click of the mouse

When marking, all data geocoded to this polygon shape,
regardless of which map layer it belongs to, will be marked/selected allowing visualizations to be limited based off the polygon selection.

Shape files, whether brought in from an external data
source or created in Spotfire, can be edited, tagged and re-geocoded.

Export shape files outside of Spotfire to any extension making them compatible with ArcMap, other spotfire projects and geospatial tools.

Currently available for Spotfire Server and Desktop only.