Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

The Manager Dashboard application template from Blue River uses frac data, production data, cost data, downtime data, and drilling/completion data to help us analyze wells.

As we move through the dashboard we can select a well(s) from our list and quickly see our production over time, forecasts, downtime, costs, and cumulative plots. We can also cross compare our data against each other to look for trends in production vs. variables such as number of frac stages, pounds of sand, etc.

Using the extensive mapping aspects of Spotfire we can use the Manager Dashboard application to easily build bubble maps based on all of our data. Any .shp file can be added such as a lease layer, pipelines, section outlines and more. We can then use our map to spatially analyze our data.

This application template is easy to customize to your liking and can contain your operated, non-operated, and vendor data.

  • Quickly and easily analyze your production and cost data
  • Build bubble maps with you own .shp files with the click of a button
  • Compare any two variables for any spatial region or well selection
  • Quickly answer any question that arises in a manager meeting