LAS Log File Loader

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LAS Log File Loader

The “LAS Loader for Spotfire” utility from Blue River Analytics is designed to help in the rapid preparation of LAS well log files for input to Spotfire.

Input files are LAS-formatted well logs, versions 1.1 or 1.2.
Columns are selected by an alias curve name from the Well (Information), Parameter and/or Data (ASCII) sections of the LAS well logs.
 Output is a single tab-separated file built with a consistent set of columns according to the selected configuration. 
NULL values for all logs are coerced for consistency. A configuration-specified coercion can be applied or the common default output value of -999.25 will be used.
 A configuration file defines the translation process.

The configuration file features:

  • Multiple named configurations
  • Redefinition of the default for the NULL value
  • Mapping sets for defining sets of mnemonic synonyms
Efficiently and effectively load LAS well logs with different structures directly into Spotfire.

Automated LAS conversion and loading process allows for seamless creation and updating of Spotfire projects:

  • Analyze LAS well logs directly in Spotfire without the hassle of manual formatting, database connections and workarounds required by third-party applications.
  • Ability to create multi-dimensional plots to flexibly analyze LAS data sets from different operators, areas, time periods, etc.
  • Create complex calculations from measured values within LAS files which can automatically update upon replacement and upload of a separate set of LAS files”