About Blue River Analytics

About Blue River Analytics

Blue River Analytics


We believe in operating our business by a set of strict values. We are so appreciative for the opportunity to serve you and your business by the following:



Honesty & Trust

Commitment to Excellence

We Guarantee to Leave a Job Well Done


Compassion, Appreciation & Teamwork


Responsibility & Clear Communication

Blue River Analytics

Pillars of Service

Templates, Extensions and Loader Optimizations

Spotfire Software

Bringing Spotfire to Life:

Blue River Analytics extends the power of Spotfire within our customers’ organizations. Our experts work collaboratively with you to understand the data assets, training needs, and most effective ways to use Spotfire’s suite of products and features. Then we bring Spotfire to life, transforming a wide array of data into interactive applications to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

On Demand and On Premise

Spotfire Training

Bringing Your Power Users to Life:

Blue River Analytics offers both on premise and On Demand |TIBCO Spotfire oil & gas training by oil & gas experts, using your data. Training topics include data access, creating visualizations, configuring interactivity, and more. 

General, IT Admin, Professional

Spotfire Support

Bringing Solutions to Life:

Blue River Spotfire Support is an online system for companies that utilize Spotfire and have questions or need help finishing projects. Once an online help ticket is submitted, the experts at Blue River Analytics will call the client within four working hours, guaranteed. Our dedicated team will then walk the client through the solution or set up a WebEx to show the steps involved. The system is easy to use and allows clients to be more efficient and accurate when making important business decisions.