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With over 150 years combined oil and gas industry experience and 50 combined years of Spotfire experience, our certified Spotfire Advisers apply best practice techniques to help you achieve your business goals, maximize results and deliver immediate results.

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LOE | LOS Analysis

Monitoring budgets and maintaining a laser-sharp focus on expenses is a critical yet cumbersome task for many organizations.

Many businesses in our industry grapple with obtaining a comprehensive, visual perspective on their lease operating expenses (LOE).

💡 Imagine if you could easily address pivotal questions and take immediate action on issues such as:

  • The profitability of individual wells
  • Monthly expenditures
  • Vendor spend
  • The balance between direct and indirect costs

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Asset Performance Comparison Evaluation

Assessing asset performance, especially during potential mergers and acquisitions, demands swift, accurate comparisons.

But the challenge lies in the disparate formats and categories of LOE | LOS data across various companies and systems. This often turns the process of standardizing LOS for effective comparison into a cumbersome task.

Enter the Blue River Analytics Asset Comparison Analysis tool. It simplifies the task, converting diverse LOS formats into standardized data swiftly.

💡 Imagine being able to:

  • Rapidly load and convert LOS data in virtually any format
  • Automatically generated recommendations for mapping of LOS lines to your own LOS standards
  • Automatic generation of a standardized LOS and Cost/BOE metrics in both Gross and Net formats
  • Set of standard visualizations to allow rapid comparison of assets

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